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Extend the useful life or your Battery!

You would not buy new tires simply because the tread had worn half way.   So why would you replace your batteries when they still have service life left?   We believe the answer is lack of confidence!   If, on occasion, the battery you relied upon would not start your engine, you would be inclined to replace it due to the lack of confidence in its performance, even though, in reality, it may still have a year or more of  performance left.   With a backup battery, a Hellroaring Battery Isolator/Combiner BIC-95300B, and Remote Module,  you can have that confidence back!   You could simply add water and clean your connections, and be assured that if it failed again, you will have starting power (even in cold weather!)  Often, you will find that by doing so, you can operate with that "poor" battery for another year or more.    You couldn't do that and have reliable transportation on a single battery system.    Your backup battery will have a very long life expectancy  because it will normally not be cycled and will stay fully charged.   When your main battery reaches a point where it just will not perform any more, you can move your backup battery to your main battery location and then buy a new backup battery.  

With this system, you can get a reasonable life and performance out of low cost batteries.   In cold weather, for example, two low cost 540 CCA batteries combined is equivalent to one expensive 1080 CCA battery in terms of cranking ability.    The difference is that, in warm weather, one low cost 540 CCA battery may be all that is needed.  Therefore, only one 540 CCA battery need be cycled.

With a small investment in this system, it will pay you back several times over the years.  

No other system in such a compact package can extend the life of  low cost batteries with automatic backup power.   Compare the different systems shown below:


Dual Battery with Diode Isolator Dual Battery with Diode Isolator and heavy duty  Switch Dual Battery with Relay or Solenoid wired to ignition Single Battery with automatic Battery Disconnect Device Dual Battery with Mechanical Relay Combiner Dual Battery with Mechanical Relay Combiner AND heavy duty switch Dual Battery with Hellroaring BIC-95300B Backup system
Starting Protection due to:

Lights being left on No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alternator Failure No Yes No No No Yes Yes
Poor connection or High resistance in charge wire No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Poor connection or High resistance on main battery ground terminal No Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Other engine-OFF loads Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Engine ON Winching Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes
Engine OFF Winching Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Cold weather extremes requiring power from two batteries No Yes No No No Yes Yes
Weak or degraded primary battery that develops high internal resistance No Yes No No No Yes Yes

Extends Battery Life due to:

Full charging (no diode drop) No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Backup Battery Starting Confidence

No Yes No No No Yes Yes
Early detection of lack of full charge No No No No No No Yes

Performance is reliable due to:

All solid state components Yes No No No No No Yes
No arcing or stuck contacts Yes No No No No No Yes
No moving parts to wear out Yes No No No No No Yes
Being environmentally sealed Yes No No No No No Yes

Installation is simple due to:

Small size No No No No No No Yes
Only a small wire needed to a micro-switch in the dash for switching in the backup battery No No No No No No Yes
All features in one simple mounting package Yes No Yes Yes Yes No Yes



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