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Battery Isolator / Combiner Models:

BIC-95150B - Auxiliary

Instructions Auxiliary Diagram

BIC-10200B - New version



For an Auxiliary battery setup, the BIC-95150B is the most popular and simplest to install for Auxiliary loads. Used for connecting loads to the Auxiliary battery. Great for Truck Campers, Trailers, Utility Vans, Mobility vehicles, and other Auxiliary battery applications in your system. But, this is not for full Backup Starting, nor for Combined power for Winching. The new version, BIC-10200B is identical to the BIC-95150B except for improvements in ON resistance and thermal efficiency for slightly increased current handling capability.

BIC-95300A - Either setup
BIC-95300B - Backup

Instructions Backup Diagram

BIC-20400B - New version



For a Backup battery setup, the BIC-95300B is the most popular for Backup power and starting. Simple to install. Used for full Backup Starting, or for other combined battery use such as winching.  All loads, including a winch, must be connected to the Main battery side and the Backup battery must be reserved all by itself.  The BIC-95300A performs the same, but requires external sense and TVS connections. The BIC-95300A, with these external connections allow for configuration for either the Backup battery setup or the Auxiliary battery setup which would then perform identical to the BIC-95150B. The new version, BIC-20400B is identical to the BIC-95300B except for improvements in ON resistance and thermal efficiency for slightly increased current handling capability.

Remote Module Remote Module small Remote Module for remote monitoring and control of the BIC's.
Backup, Battery Control modules


For a 24V small Backup battery for specilized electronics - This model is designed for a 5AH backup battery or smaller to provide automatic backup power to specialty electronics in the event of main power loss.. This model has two output drive circuits to external LEDs via the Red and Green wires to indicate the normal and charge voltages on the main system.
Low Voltage Disconnect modules

The Low Voltage Disconnect modules provide for power to low level accessories, but automatically disconnects power when the voltage goes too low. This function reduces the risk of battery damage due to excessive discharge. They automatically re-connect when sufficient voltage is re-applied, such as an alternator or charger is applied. These LVDM-22.0V-2.5H-25A-70S is designed to provide a 70 second alarm output to a computer system prior to actual power shutdown. This give the computer system time to perform a proper software shutdown before loss of power. It is designed for 24V systems, and we can make them for 12V systems as well.

Solid State Relays / Solid State Driver Modules

Opto-isolated SSR's
30V, 40V, 60V, 100V, and 200V max rated voltages. Up to 150A continuous and 275A for pulsed, low duty cycle applications. 12V or 24V control inputs. Switches in milliseconds. Also, Dual output, dual control units
Fast switching SSR's
30V, 40V, 60V, 100V, and 200V max rated voltages. Switches the negative side of the load without an HSC module. Requires 12 Vdc power. TTL compatible control input. Switches in microseconds.
H-Bridge Power Drivers
Rated to 600V max or 1200V max for source voltages to 350 Vdc, or 700 Vdc. Rated to 50A continuous, or 25A continuous, or to 100 to 250A pulsed. Switches in microseconds.
H-Bridge Controller Modules
HBD module
H-Bridge control modules for opto-isolated SSR's above.
High voltage SS Driver modules
Rated 600V max for source voltages up to 350 Vdc or to 1200V max for source voltages up to 700 Vdc. To 100A continuous, and 200A pulsed. Switches in microseconds. Direct link to the SSD-100200-1200V-XP-XC data sheet.
Transient Voltage Suppressors
TVS module
For use with SSR's, H-Bridge's, and SSD's
Custom Modules
Pulse width modulator - Switches power to a load up to 10A for a dc power source of 12 to 32Vdc. Frequency adjustable from 10 to 50 Hz.
Custom Designed Modules
Custom Modules
Modules and other fixtures or assemblies custom designed to meet your application needs. Contact us with your applications needs and we can discuss the possibilities. For designs similar to existing products, it may be possible we can have something for you to evaluate in as little as 3 weeks. Ususally, if we can fit your application, we can do it in under 12 weeks.


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