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Alternator Failure

When you prepare for a potential battery failure, you should also consider that its failure may have been caused by your alternator gone bad.   When your alternator fails, you often will not notice until your vehicle quits running or it will no not start.    In this situation, you can not be on your way with a simple jump start.    You need reserve energy to power your engine electronics for long enough to get to a repair station to fix the alternator.   An automatic battery disconnect device will not give you this reserve!   And a portable jump start kit is not practical for engine operation while in motion.   Don't expect an Auxiliary battery system to provide start and opration either. In an Auxiliary battery setup, if the alternator fails, you could be drawing down your Auxiliary battery from your auxiliary loads, while at the same time be drawing down the main battery from the vehicle loads. So, you could end up with a weak or depleted Auxiliary battery when you recognize that your main battery has become depleated.

On the other hand, a Backup battery with a Hellroaring Battery Isolator Combiner BIC-95300B will remain fully charged when you recognize the depleted main battery and dead alternator. With the BIC switched ON, it will likely give you at least 2 hours of engine operation in this situation, depending of the capacity of the Backup battery you use!

If you have the room for a backup system, you owe it to yourself and your family to have the best possible assurance of getting home!


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