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Transient Suppressors for SSR's

We recommend the use of transient suppressors across the terminals of our SSR's prior to applying power to them. The SSR rated voltage is the maximum voltage that the SSR should be exposed to including transients. A good rule of thumb would be transient suppression should be rated no more than about 65% of the SSR maximum rated voltage, depending on the actual current being switched relative to the peak current rating of the TVS. For example, if in your actual application, say you are switching only 25% of the maximum SSR continuous rating then the switching transient voltage will not rise as high than one that was switching the maximum current. Therefore, there is a little more margin to use a slightly higher voltage rated TVS.

The Wattage of the TVS should be rated for the maximum Joules being generated at being switched. This is related to how much inductance in your load and in your wiring. For mostly resistive circuits, a 5KW peak TVS is usually good for the application. Switching applications can vary quite a bit from one customer to another. We would be happy to assist you in selecting the best SSR/TVS combination. Just contact us at the email link at the bottom of this page and tell us about your application needs.

The most common TVS used are the TVS-24V-5K and the TVS-36V-5K. The TVS-24V-5K are good for SSRs rated at 30 and 40Vdc and power sources up to 20V (generally 12V to 16V systems. The TVS-36V-5K suppressors are good for the 60V SSR's, and power sources up to 32Vdc. For the higher, 100V and 200V SSR's, we make custom TVS's combinations to best suit your application. See the data sheet link below:

Transient Voltage Suppressor selection guide.


For our Solid State Driver's and H-Bridge Drivers, we make TVS modules that mount nicely on the sink. See the data sheet for these below.

TVS modules.

TVS Module


For any questions or assistance in selecting the optimum product for your application, please contact us at the email link at the bottom of this page. We are glad to help! We may even be able to design a new related product that most effectively meets your needs.

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