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Whether you are looking for a Battery Isolator, Combiner, Separator, Automatic Charge Relay (ACR), Backup Control Module, Low Voltage Disconnect Module, Solid State Relay (SSR), Solid State Driver (SSD), Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS), H-Bridge Module, Fast Switching or Opto-Isolated Switching, Pulse Width Modulator, brake controller, or other custom designed electronic control module, Hellroaring Technologies, inc. has a product or can likely design one for you! Click on our Products link above for a more specific DC power switching product you are looking for. Or click on our applications link above for various application notes.

For Battery Isolator Combiner products:

Winching mud-snow HLR4595

Some Times, you may need Extra Winching Power!

Winching Van image HRT6819

Jeep in sunset HT26351Or, maybe some times you need a Backup Start to help you out of a bad situation.

Boat stormy Water HRT4303







Truck Camper in Starlight HLR4521

Or, maybe you desire to optimize your Auxiliary camper battery bank capacity and isolate them so you don't drain your start battery. And then, resume charging them while driving.

two campers HRT4884











Fast Boat HT21141

Or, maybe you want to charge and isolate your trolling motor battery bank from your outboard motor.Fishing boat HRT2867






Or, Maybe you just want the confidence to get out on the water with Backup starting power.


Or, maybe you want to isolate your Auxiliary batteries or desire a Backup battery for mobility vans, or a locksmith van or other utility vehicle, or police vehcles, or ambulance, fire truck, or snowmobile, or ATV, or car audio, or Ham Radios, or trailer, or tractor, or harvester, or snow plow vehicle, or sailboat, or whatever specialty battery isolation application you have.

Or maybe you desire a low voltage disconnect device to protect your battery from excessive discharge or to preserve as much battery capacity as practical.

Whatever your situation, Hellroaring Technologies, inc. is here to help. We are the designer and we manufacture our own, high quality, electronic products, in the great state of Montana, USA. And, we sell them direct to you without sales taxes! Our BIC's are the original and first ever, all solid state Battery Isolator/Combiner's and have been proven in real world applications for many years now. Our Battery Isolator/Combiners are used in backup starting of your vehicle, or for Auxiliary Dual battery use in isolation of deep cycle RV, or Marine batteries with accessory, camper, or house loads.

What else is really different about us? Our customer service! You have questions about your specific application, and we do everything practical to explain any misconceptions, if any, of what you are trying to achieve, and/or recommend the best approach to help you make your best informed choices. And then, we follow through with our promises!

We invite you to check out our products and other application notes and links at the top of this page.


DC Power Switching / Custom engineered applications:

Maybe you are an engineer or technician trying to solve a power switching problem. Maybe you need some special timing, sensing, testing, fail safe, or other switching solution. We stock some Solid State Relays (SSR) models, and others can be made with relatively short lead times. Check out our products page at the link above (top of page) for more detailed information. Perhaps you have a mechanical based switching system that you would like to re-design for all solid state power switching. Whatever it is, it is worth a shot to see what we can do for you. Tell us about your application, we will look at it and respond with a recommendation or ask for further related details so we can make the best recommendation. It may be possible for us to design a produce or module that most efficiently fits your specific application. Contact us at the email link at the bottom of this page.

Click on our Products link above for more detailed information on our SSR's and H-Bridge control devices.

Or, call or email us with your application and/or questions. You may be surprised how we can help!


Battery Isolator / Combiners

Our solid state Battery Isolator / Combiners, have been the top choice since 1998, when we introduced the World's first all solid state electronic battery isolation system without diode losses.  You too, can enjoy the benefits of solid state electronics without the drawbacks inherent with typical diode isolators, especially with our newer, improved models.   These are used in:

  • 4 x 4, off road Vehicles
  • Snow Plow vehicles
  • Snowmobiles
  • Boats / Sailboats
  • Car Power Audio systems
  • RV / Trailer systems
  • Specialty Vans (i.e. Locksmith, Mobil Pet grooming, etc...)
  • Mobility Vans
  • Hunting Vehicles
  • EAA Experimental Aircraft
  • Tractors / Farm Equipment
  • Military Vehicles
  • Fire Trucks
  • Other Vehicles where you desire to get out of a bad situation when your starting battery dies or otherwise lacks sufficient power to get you started again.   
  • Ham Radio systems.

High Current Solid State DC relays

Our high current solid state dc power relays are integrated onto their own heat sinks so you get full specified performance out of the box. There is no need for you to go through a thermal analysis, select a heat sink, mounting method nor mount them. All of these add to the total cost to your project.  Our SSR's save you from theses additional costs. Our engineering staff will be happy to assist you in achieving optimum power switching selection and configuration on your design project.

The following are some applications that these SSR's can be used.   Contact us for your unique application need. We are happy to help:

  • Test Panel Load Switching fixtures
  • DC Motor forward / reversal switching (4 units)
  • DC Motor with dynamic braking
  • 12 Volt  to 24 Volt power switching (4 units) (Switches 2 each 12 volt battery systems from 12 V parallel to 24 Volt series.)
  • Power Buss control (12 volt or 24 volt systems) Call for higher voltage systems.
  • Battery isolation for 24V systems.
  • DC heaters with proportional controls.
  • General Purpose DC load switching. 
  • Electrolysis controls.

Our SSR's can be operated in parallel for even higher current capabilities.

Click on our links for more details.



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