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Why Choose a Hellroaring Battery Isolator/Combiner?

There are many reasons to choose a Hellroaring Battery Isolator/Combiner.    How about these for just a few:



Positive Customer Feedback!

Many customers have been so pleased with this product, they have purchased again for other vehicles or applications.  The following customer responses were unsolicited and quoted with their permission.


We haven't updated comments for several years (a decade or so). Here is a more recent comment from Oct of 2017, Walter Scott had this to say:


Thank you for the quick and very helpful response! Everywhere I've read (various forums), people rave about your excellent customer service and I can agree that both iterations I've had with you (bought remote a while back) back up these experiences. Just wanted to let you know that you have a stellar reputation and it's through interactions just like this. Thanks again!

Best, Walter


The comments below were from customers before 2008 when we had stopped noting them for some years:

Tom Parker was so impressed with the Hellroaring backup system, he wrote this to Land Rover:

"Just recently installed Hellroaring's BIC-75300 battery isolator/combiner in
my 98 Discovery for battery backup and winch boost.  Investigated both
Painless and Wrangler's stuff before my purchase and this isolator/combiner
stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Brian Lathrop had this to say about his Jeep installation:

"My BIC 75300 and remote kit arrived on Friday as
promised.  Your instructions told me exactly what I'd
need to pick up in order to do the install.  I bought
the parts I needed and had the unit installed in my
Jeep and operational in about an hour.  It was a

Here is what Andy Krapcha had to say about his Boat installation:

"I purchased the 75300 unit for my boat and must say that the
installation went well and is a very "clean" method of providing battery
backup as compared to rotating switches and other crap. "

Eric Spritzer had these comments regarding his Jeep backup installation:

"Thanks for your help.

Also. I must add that the construction, kitting, packaging etc. of the BIC
and the remote module were top notch. It's been a long time since I've seen
that kind of pride and care in the details. All the parts were there with
extras for the things you will invariably drop and loose; preformed
resistors and diodes fit dead-on with no question as to orientation. All in
all, a class act rarely seen.

Thanks again,

Chris McCrate had this to say about his 4 x 4 installation:

"Hi Mike.  I did it. After my first mount location error, I moved the
position, connected everything WITHOUT GROUNDS.  Reviewed all, then
connected the ground connections.

The BIC75300 worked exactly as advertised.   :-)  

The unit so impressed my buddy, he may be calling soon.  He has only seen
the large relays, or the cheap and large isolation kits.  I will recommend
your product to all that I know that may be interested ..."


Chris Maytag had this to say about his BIC-75150A installation.


Just wanted to say that I picked up my unit today at the mailbox, and had a
delightful afternoon installing it, running cables, and fabricating a nice
enclosure. I'm impressed enough by your product to write to say
'thanks'...it's nice to receive a well thought out product, and to find so
many installation aids. While I did have to go to the shop for a few things,
having so much of what's necessary included was a nice touch.

Many thanks,

Paul Daniels on his Bronco installation:

    Thank you for your quick response.  I just wanted to let you know
how pleased I am with the product and the ease of installation.

Ronald Kay on his snow plow installation:

Ordered your product last week and it arrived here on Tuesday as promised.  Very simple to connect and is working fine.  I used the basic auxiliary battery set up as per your plans.  Your product is an excellent concept, giving the advantages of diode type isolators and solenoids in one product.  I also like the automatic operation that is built into the unit for different configurations, eliminating the need for toggle switches or microprocessor based controls.  I found the instructions to be a little difficult to follow, but I am otherwise satisfied with product and company.  Your quick reply to my initial inquiry and excellent service puts to shame any similar business I have ever dealt with in Canada.  Thank you..   Ronald Kay 


Charles Mosher's install in Police Vehicle fleet 3/2001:

Over the years, we have continued to add more lights and equipment to our fleet of police cars.  In the fall of 1996 we added video cars to our fleet.  The drain on the vehicle batteries caused many of our batteries to fail.  It became more and more common to start a duty shift with a battery jump start. Patrol vehicle batteries soon began to be replaced more frequently.   The cost of batteries and jumpstarts were secondary to the real problem.  The fleet was becoming less and less dependable,  putting our community at risk.

In 2000, we replaced three of our six marked units.  I research battery isolators and found that Hellroaring Technologies had the product we needed.  When we set up our new vehicles, all were set up with Hellroaring Technologies BIC 75150 Isolators and Optima Deep Cycle Yellow Top batteries.  A charging line was set up from the alternator and the Optimas were mounted in the trunks.  All of the police and video equipment was switched to run from the trunk mounted battery. Since that time our fleet vehicles, equiped with the Hellroaring Technologies isolators, have not been jumpstarted once and we have experienced fewer software  problems with our video equipment previously caused by low voltage problems.  The Hellroaing Technologies isolaters  has been a lifesaver and proven their worth over and over again.


Officer Charles Mosher
Eastern Mich. Univ. Police Dept.
Ypsilanti, Mich. 48197  


Hanno's Backup install in the UK 7/2001:

Hi Mike,

did ordered the BIC-75300A + Remote Module strait away, and the device arrived 5 days later in UK.

I did fit every thing on Sunday and it works great, all my problems with a permanent dimming ignition light and damaged 2nd battery by using a SURE isolator 2-75A with two BOSCH 75A batteries is gone.

I now use the backup battery setup with a 90AMP Alternator, OPTIMA yellow and red top battery as your advice.

to give you a idea what sort of Vehicle I'm fitted your Kit, have a look at the following link:

at least, a compliment to the written fitting instruction and the lot of information on your WEB-page.

Thank's again

Hanno / UK



David Cox on his Backup install 2/2002:

Greetings -

I just finished the installation of my BIC-75300A - what a great product! Installation instructions were very comprehensive, detailed, and easy to follow.  I had previously installed a diode-based isolator that did not have the capability of hooking up the auxiliary battery to the main like the BIC-75300A.  I've had several dead batteries and one alternator failure in my truck over the years (it's now almost 9 years old); I was getting tired of hooking up the jumper cables to boost the main battery.  The alternator failure almost caused me to collide with several other vehicles when the truck died suddenly on a main highway.  After I got it safely off the highway, I then had to swap the batteries in order to make it home on the auxiliary.  I am thrilled to now have a system onboard that will allow me to connect the two batteries at the flip of a switch!  This is the system I wish I had when I installed the first diode-based isolator.  This appears to be a well-engineered unit and I look forward to many years of service from it.  Thanks also to Mike Hines for his patience with me during several phone calls as I sorted out how to rewire my alternator subsequent to disconnecting the old isolator.

David Cox


Theodore Seivers on his Toyota Tundra Backup install 3/2002:

Hi Guys-
I just wanted to drop you a line thanking you for your help in getting my
dual battery setup off the ground!!  You have a very nice product and the
install was straight forward (with the exception that I cannot get to the
starter solenoid on my Toyota Tundra!)  Mike helped me out over the phone
and I just wired into the + term of my primary battery and it works great.
I did a write up of my install and you are more than welcome to use it in
any advertising, custom testimonials, etc.  It can be found at:




Geoff Maus on his boat install 12/2002:


    A few weeks ago, you sold me BIC85300A, I just wanted to write to let you know how happy I am with your product.  I have installed the unit, and have been out on my boat twice trying it out.  Charging voltage at the batteries is up to where it should be.  Voltages with my old diode isolator were down almost a full volt, resulting in an undercharge condition.  Prioritizing charge to the starting battery, then to the deep cycles works perfectly in my application.  I just got a clamp on DC current meter, and the next time out, I will check alternator output, and current charging to the starting and deep cycle batteries.

    Thank you for producing a great product that works like it should, and at a reasonable price.   

                                                        Sincerely,  Geoff Maus


Inacio Manecas on his Backup install in Africa 2/2003:

After over five months of having installed my BIC-85300A,  following your
provided step by step instructions for the Basic Backup Battery Setup, I would
like to convey to your company (and yourself), that I am very happy with this
product. It was easy to install and it has always behaved beyond expectations.

Thank you for such a great product.

I am a customer based in a remote country (Mozambique,
somewhere in southeastern Africa) and the installation of the BIC was a true
necessity, as I venture a lot into the forest, and there is virtually nobody
(and no way) to get rescue if stranded with a flat battery. And it had happened
before :>), now no more, thanks to this product.

A fully satisfied customer


Steve Cooper on his LandRover backup battery install 3/2003:

"The first time out, I left my high current fridge running overnight. The main battery was completely drained - even the clock stopped! I flipped the remote switch forward to combine the batteries and the truck started right up.

I had tried the same thing with my old setup a few months earlier - the aux. deep cycle was completely drained - and all that happened when I tried to start was a blown ignition fuse. It wasn't until I disconnected the drained aux. battery from the conventional isolator that I could stop blowing fuses and start the truck. What a pain in the ass that was.

I was also loosing almost 1 volt from the alternator to the battery with my old isolator.

That is all history with the Hellroaring/Odyssey setup - it's awesome."

Here is a link to his write-up:



James Culbertson on his Jeep Wrangler YJ install  7/2003:

Unit arrived in a very timely manner and very well packaged.  The instructions were straightforward and my install went without a hitch.  This was for a dual setup in a YJ Wrangler with a winch and welder.    The unit performs flawlessly and takes up very little valuable firewall space.   Many thanks to the exceptional service provided by Mike and the excellent performance I get from his unit. Cheers.

James Wilton after two years of use:

First off let me say that I bought the BIC 85300A a couple of years ago I would have to put it on the top of the list of Best Modifications that I've made to my truck.  I haven't worried about my battery since the day I put the system in. 


Robert Fuller on his Toyota Camry Auxiliary battery install 9/2003:

I don't know how often a customer writes just to thank you, but that's the purpose of this note. You may recall our telephone conversation a couple of weeks ago regarding my recent purchase of your Model BIC-85300A for isolating/charging an auxiliary battery in the trunk of my 1997 Toyota Camry LE V6. Though I wanted the option of using the auxiliary battery for starting (hence, my purchase of the 85300, and not the 85150), if necessary, the primary reason for the purchase was the isolation and charging of the auxiliary battery. As I mentioned, I'm a ham radio operator often assigned to event and emergency communications. My radio draws about 10 amps on receive, and about 20 amps on transmit. After several hours of operating, with the engine off, my Concorde LIFELINE® 105 AH auxiliary battery can be quite depleted!

    Mike, you certainly provided good advice for this installation! As I mentioned on the telephone, I probably should have bought the 85150 for this purpose, but I decided to go ahead and use what I had. I used the auxiliary battery configuration, mounting both the BIC and the remote unit on the lower instrument panel inside the passenger compartment. Both units are very handy there, and aren't in the way of anything! I used 8 AWG marine grade cable for both battery runs (5' to the starting battery, 12' to the auxiliary in the trunk). The smaller gauge cable was very easy to work with, and I was able to hide all of it behind existing Toyota panels. Of course, as soon as I tested the unit, it worked perfectly. Furthermore, neither the BIC nor the charging cables are even getting warm!

    This is a fine product, Mike, and you've certainly included just about everything anyone would need for a first class installation. A couple of trips to Home Depot and West Marine were necessary, but that was for the battery cables and the hardware I needed to mount the units to plastic panels. Nice engineering job, Mike!

    Thanks, again, for an extraordinarily well-designed product, and for your equally extraordinary technical support — not to mention one of the most useful and informative web sites on the Internet! As we say in Dabronx, "You da Man!"



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