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High Power Car Audio Applications

When you install a high power audio system in an automobile, pickup, 4x4, or van, you need the security of backup starting power for your vehicle or at least isolation from your starting battery.   Locating a suitable space where you can put the additional battery and isolation device is just one of the issues you will face.   Your typical Battery and Isolator can take up substantial space.   Some battery manufacturers have developed small starting batteries with enough short term power to start your vehicle after you drained your main battery while thumping your tunes.    But, you will still need a lot of space for your isolator and switching system for emergency starting.   That is....until our Hellroaring BIC's came along! 

BIC-95300B installWith a Hellroaring BIC-95300B, you can have automatic charging and isolation of your backup battery.   You will also be able to quickly energize your backup battery for starting.    Our BIC-95300B keeps the  backup battery charged and ready to start your vehicle.  Yet, it is packaged in a relatively small package.   

For a simple installation, we suggest you use your combination deep cycle/starting battery for all your primary vehicle operation and audio amps.   This way, your alternator and main battery can be connected directly to your amps to achieve the most power transfer possible.  This also simplifies the installation and use of a backup battery.   The operation of the Hellroaring BIC-95300B is simple.    It automatically combines your backup battery to your charge system only when it is charging.   It automatically disconnects your backup battery from your system when there is no charge voltage, thereby retaining the charge in the Backup battery.   When you need backup starting power, simply energize the BIC-95300B by changing positions on a small signal switch or with our Remote Module.


With a little extra re-wiring, you could use our lower cost BIC-95150B to BIC-95150B smallsimply isolate your starting battery, using the Start side isolation method, and run your alternator output directly to your heavy loads and deep cycle battery system.   Either way, you should be able to use as large an alternator as is available because most of the alternator current will not go through the isolation device!  


For Audio systems under 500 Watts, the basic Auxiliary battery isolation method of our BIC-95150B works well and is very simple to install.


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